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A Free Gift for You
Strongholds In The Mind
By Dr. George M. Stover Jr., D.Min., Th. D.
  • Heal your emotions!
  • Change your thought life!
  • Pinpoint the battle in your mind!
  • Expose your enemy!
  • Bring you deliverance!
You are Special to God:
There is no one like you on planet earth. You were created a one of a kind being in the image and likeness of God. You are special to Him and He has made provision for you in the last will and testament of His only Begotten Son.
Pastor Stover is the founder of Wellspring Ministries--Churches & Missions, Inc. This ministry is reaching the world with the glorious Gospel of Reconciliation by means of the Word of Faith in the Spirit of Power.

A growing army of partners are joining with Wellspring Ministries in raising up ministers, ministries, churches and bible schools all over the globe. Together we can do all things through Christ which continually strengthens us.

Wellspring Church of All Nations (WeCAN), in Las Vegas, Nevada, serves the local community while providing an equipping and sending center to the world.

New Property & Current Building Project

Visit our property at 8140 W. Lone Mountain Road, Las Vegas, Nevada. The Pastors Parsonage is at 4870 Janell Drive. Click here for a map.
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