Praise, Presence, Power

Praise permeates the atmosphere at the meetings where Pastor Stover ministers. He knows that "God inhabits the praises of His people" and that where the Lord is welcomed there is healing, deliverance, and salvation available to all. As miracles occur, people praise the Lord for His mercy, goodness and love toward them. From beginning to end, praise is emphasized. 

The Presence of God is everything. "Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty." Without the Presence of God there is no power to work miracles, no ability to deliver, no conviction for salvation. The Presence of God manifest by the Holy Spirit, in the name of Jesus will touch and transform the lives of everyone present. No one can be in the presence of the Lord of Glory without being forever changed.

Power accompanies the Presence. Power to change every circumstance and turn around every situation. The power saves, heals, and delivers. There is nothing impossible with God. He will do what ever is asked in the name of Jesus when it is asked in faith.


Praise brings the Presence.

The Presence brings the Power.

The Power saves, heals, and delivers.

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